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In 2016, Katie was elected as the HOA president for the Pointe Meadows Townhomes near Thanksgiving Pointe, and she served for 2 years. While in that position, she was able to flip a negative budget into a positive cash flow.

When a major hiccup occured for her townhomes, in which 8 of the units basements were back flooded with sewage from city pipes, she worked relentlessly with the city and various insurance companies, to hold the parties accountable so that those families could receive compensation for the horrendous damages that were done.

She has been in the appraisal business for the past 5 years and is in the process of receiving her certified appraiser license (so she knows a thing or two about zoning laws)

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City Council Debate

Thursday, October 24th


Lehi Jr High (700 Cedar Hollow Road)


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Lehi's current infrastructure is struggling to accommodate the mass influx of people and businesses moving in. Katie will work to keep Lehi businesses and residents safe by cultivating creative zoning options & to initiate a cap on high density housing.


"But in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." - Benjamin Franklin

Katie will work to make sure that**sales and property taxes are low for Lehi residents. Her voice will be firm and consistent as she **represents Lehi on this stance!  The priority will be to tax businesses,**including new corporations.



Katie has been in the appraisal business for 4 years and is currently in the process of receiving her appraiser license for the state of Utah. City Council Members have nothing to do with housing affordability/prices. It's a product of the current market. However, City Government does play a vital role in zoning. If elected, Katie will work with the planning committee to find the best zoning alternatives for housing in Lehi (do these need to be changed to avoid future hiccups?!) She will work to initiate a cap on **high density development in Lehi! 

Fiber internet

Katie supports, and will work hard for, the implementation of fiber internet through out all of Lehi. Please watch **THIS city council meeting to learn more about the Fiber options that could be available for Lehi residents.


It is the responsibility of elected officials to represent their citizens. No one in Lehi should ever feel negative feelings after leaving and/or interacting with an elected official. Communication is KEY when it comes to mingling the ideas of the citizens and the agendas of the city. If elected, Katie will make sure that positive experiences are the only consequence that stem from such interactions. Running and becoming an elected official is not for the faint of heart. But she will make it her goal to make communication positive and transparent for the residents of Lehi. 

Keep Small Towns Small

The growth in Lehi is inevitable. But that doesn't mean that corners should be cut when it comes to **preserving Lehi's history. Keep downtown Lehi (main st) historic! If current buildings need refinishing, then the priority should be focused on restoring the integrity of Lehi's historic buildings. Katie will work with the planning committee and developers to help them see the vision that Old Lehi has to offer.


ASD is enormous...but City Council Members are not directly correlated with ASD! However, if elected, Katie will work with ASD (and be the squeaky wheel if necessary) to find the best way to help them support our growth here in Lehi. The most recent elementary rezoning for Lehi's Northwest sector clearly indicated ASD's **grossly underestimated projected numbers. She will make it her goal to work hand-in-hand with ASD to make sure that situations like that do not happen again in Lehi!

Water & Air Quality

Utah is a desert. There are necessary restrictions placed on water here because it is a desert. It is Katie's goal to work with the State of Utah to make sure that Lehi's water resources are applicable for its growth and infrastructure.

Lehi City Council ***unanimously approved the West Canyon Concept plan for TMTH Development (Genevia Rock)

This DOES NOT sit well with Katie! If elected, she will take time to police their mining and replicate an  "Erin Brockovich" scenario if 



Katie also wants to work with the planning committee and UDOT to incorporate better public transportation through out the City of Lehi. That may involve reaching out to UDOT to make sure that "public transportation" is a staple thought when they think of Lehi. We have the opportunity NOW while construction is still under way!  

Recreation Programs

In November of 2015, Lehi residents voted against the Recreation, Arts and Park tax (RAP tax). 


Without increasing taxes or initiating bonds (debt), Lehi desperately needs to be creative in how its parks and recreation are developed. 


As an independent appraiser for the state of Utah, Katie understands the value of city parks. With smart planning, she will work with private sectors and businesses (allowing them a tax write off) to create options for the development of parks that will benefit all Lehi residents. The voice of the residents must be the first priority!


Also, Katie will make sure that the citizen's voices are being heard in regard to the kind of parks that Lehi residents are wanting. **No city personal agendas here!

Public Safety

Our police and fire personnel work hard for Lehi! Katie will work to make sure that they receive the pay that they deserve, by finding/moving around areas in the budget.

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